Smart Video Metrics Review – How Good It Really Is?

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Hey, my name is Greg, and I’ve been an internet marketer for almost a decade now. I’ve been working in almost every branch of marketing, whether it is affiliate marketing, SEO, social marketing and so on. I’ve also tried and tested hundreds of marketing tools. One of these has been a recently released system called Smart Video Metrics. So those of you who are interested in this tools should definitely continue reading this short Smart Video Metrics review. I really hope that you will find it helpful!


Videos are an incredible marketing tool. Not sure if you know, but Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google itself. The way things are going, the videos will play a very important role in any business growth. So if you are not working with videos to promote your business, you are leaving money on the table. However, deciding to just jump into the video marketing and throwing money right and left is a not a smart way of doing it. You can’t just upload a bunch of videos and expect to find new clients or make money. It’s not that simple.

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Making videos and promoting them requires a lot of resources. You can spend even thousands of dollars on one video. However most of the people have absolutely no idea what kind of return they are getting from their videos. Of course, Youtube provides some simple analytic tools, like view duration, interaction and so forth, but what does metrics actually mean in the terms of leads and revenue? What does it mean that five thousand people watched your video?

Sure, if you’ve managed to create some kind of system to track the conversions from your videos, it’s probably really complex and consisting of the bunch of different tools, which sometimes do not even work properly. So besides spending money on videos, you are also spending money on tools to track them, which are only barely working. So what to do about it?

Smart Video Metrics Review

Yes before we start, I feel that I should mention one thing you should beware of. There are many Smart Video Metrics review websites on the internet, which sell fake copies of the software and also provide people with misleading Smart Video Metrics reviews. If you are genuinely interested and don’t want to get scammed, then you should definitely purchase it from the official website only, which can be found here – Official Website.

Smart Video Metrics is a new and easy to use analytics tool, which allows you to track the conversions of any Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia video to determine what your views are worth and how many leads or sales they are generating.

With regular tracking you would have to first take a look at the view count of your video, then check something like Google Analytics or similar software and look for the site traffic. Then look at the conversion of the page where videos are on and then determine, whether the video has anything to do with the actual conversion rate. It basically all comes down to the guessing game, and you don’t really want to take wild guesses when you are investing thousands of dollars into your videos.

With Smart Video Metrics you just take your video, put it into your Smart Video Analytics engines and embed your video like you normally would. Now, the software will track and report on every visitor who watches the video back to the analytics dashboard about whether the visitor converted or not and what the video means in the terms of leads and revenue.

All in All

Smart Video Metrics is simple and easy to use, and you don’t need a team of engineers to implement it. Every marketer out there who is using videos as a form of promotion has a perfect opportunity to thoroughly track the videos and their subsequent conversions and leads with a few easy clicks.

If you are interested in this new tool, and you have decided to give it a try, or you want to find out more information about it first, then click the link below the review, which will take you to the official website, where you can find out more. Thank you for reading my Smart Video Metrics review and good luck in your marketing ventures!

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